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Bramani FIBC S.A is a packaging manufacturer and a state of art manufacturing facility currently under development in Lualaba Province in the Democratic Republic of Congo to be completed in August 2020. 

Bramani S.A FIBC is 100% Congolese shareholding which going to employ 450 people in his plant which is going to be build by a reputable EPC Contractor.

Bramani FIBC S.A will be specializing in the mass supply of packaging Material to the farming, retail and mining sectors in the Democratic Republic of Congo. We identified a gap in the market for our product and intend on taking full advantage of filling that gap. We will remain unique in terms of our top-notch quality as well as our affordable rates.

Our vision is to furnish a quality bulk bag, Jumbo or big bags and raffia bags to the local and international markets. We will implement the necessary checks and balances to ensure unsurpassed quality using the best technology available to satisfy our customers, supported by an impeccable field service. Our principal objective will be to establish and reinforce our brand in the market.


Mr. Willy spent 3 years studying law in the DR Congo and has 29 years experiencing in communication specialising in African markets. Having develop excellent high-level contacts within Africa, over the past 29 years, Willy has used these to become involved in developing numerous ventures in Africa. As a consequence he has expertise in modus operandi and business and social echelons. He is Fluent in English and French and proficient in Swahili.

Board of trustee member of the African Leadership Network (ALN).

Willy is the Owner and co-owner of Pygma Group which is a Pan African investment group, he has used his business network and excellent communications, interpersonal and presentation skills, to Spreadhead the drive to expand Pygma group’s reach across the continent.

Willy has been involved in the business facilitation and introduction of numerous international groups to opportunities in Africa.

Our Packaging Solutions

Bramani FIBC S.A will concentrate on producing a quality Raffia Bags (Big bags /Jumbo bags) for the local market. We understand the importance of interaction between the different divisions in our company, namely Manufacture and Marketing - supply and demand. We realize the need to stay in contact with our target market to stay abreast of changes, likes and dislikes.

Bramani S.A FIBC (Pty) Ltd will focus on the manufacturing of Big or Jumbo bags according to the following types:

• Polypropylene Bags

Manufactured from PP Tape/ LDPE, can be either translucent which allows the product to be visible or made from colored film where product visibility is not required. The sacks have high tensile strength, are elastic, resistant to cold and have excellent puncture and tear resistance combined with low weight and are especially suitable for 25kg or 50kg and 500 Kg or 1500 Kg loads. Sacks are available in both open mouth valve styles. The ends are heat sealed and are therefore ideal for packing fine powders or when contamination could be an issue. Available in Valve or Open Mouth Styles both with a block bottom, they are an ideal substitute for similar style bags made from either heavy polythene film or multi-ply sacks.

• Agro Bags

Typical uses include the food industry, fertilizers, chemicals and quarry products. Printing for this packaging is available on both sides with a maximum of three colors. The printing method used allows the most detailed company logo or advertising message to promote your product.

Mining Bags

Manufacture specially for the mining and industrial sector's made in a flexible fabric that is designed for carrying such as sand, fertilizer, and minerals in the raw states. Come in different sizes form 500 kg to 2500 kg

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Maize Bags

Manufacture for agriculture, chemical and industrial. This bag will come in different sizes to pack different type of products from 5 kg to 50 kg bags.

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Shopping Bags

Manufacture for the commercial use these bags will come in different type design depending on the client criteria. It will be useful specially for shopping and groceries. Our bags are manufactured in certified clean rooms that adhere to the highest of international standards.

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Cement Bags

Manufacture for cement industry this will carry different type of concrete including cement, sand and lime.

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Our Solution For The Retail Industry

Business drivers in an industry are formed by responding to a changing industry environment or looking at how a business can grow or respond to competition. These business drivers, once they have been identified, can be used to gain insight into the retailer’s needs, be used as a theme for solutions or used as an opportunity to differentiate.

Some Of Our Products

Quality and Service are in our bags.

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